Wednesday, November 4, 2015

An Unexpected Doll has Sailed into my Collection

It is no surprise that having a diverse group of doll friends inspires, excites and drives my collecting.  I have several classic molds and a few blond blue eyed beauties so I wasn't looking for another.  While Caroline, pronounced with a long i, was never on my radar, her heavy duty collection of clothing and accessories were fair game. I purchased her Parlor with the intention of using it for a holiday display and her Travel Basket because of it's superior quality and.........Because I rarely pass on food items.  Caroline's hat and coat had awesome reviews so I purchased it to supplement my measly dollie winter wardrobe options. 

How then did Caroline happen to dock here??  Well, with archival rearing it's ugly blade I started looking at Caroline's items and wondering what she was like. I started to realize that I didn't have any dolls with extremely long curly hair and her eyes in my mind were changing from ordinary blue to a very unique seafoam mint green unlike any doll I currently owned.  Did I go out and buy Caroline right then? Of course....... NOT!! I'm an experienced collector who can't be swayed by a beautiful face, beautiful eyes or even the prospect of a luscious wig.

I did the next best thing I went to the library and borrowed Caroline's books. Big Mistake!! Yes, I'm channeling Julia Roberts right now in the movie "Pretty Woman." Anyway, I slowed my reading pace by asking dd10 to take a Dork Diary break to read each book first so that we could discuss the book before proceeding to the next. After each book I would show her a Caroline accessory she didn't know I had purchased. Dd8 was miffed but she only wants to read R. L. Stine at this point in her life of literacy. After we finished reading the set dd8 gained full access to Caroline's accessories as well!! Reading Caroline's books was the deciding factor in my decision to add her to the collection. The books were awesome, but I'll spare you my review. THE BOOKS ARE A MUST READ!!

Warning: Do not read a doll's books if you're on the fence about whether or not to buy. If you're lucky..... you'll get an awesome story and the urge to spend $$$ and some change.

Caroline is such a beautiful doll. I actually purchased a second doll who is named Caroline Coral. I do hope everyone who intends to purchase her before Archival gets a chance to do so. She is an unexpected beacon in my collection.

Caroline asleep is my favorite photo from our photo shoot. Her luscious curly hair is absolutely amazing.

Are you planning to add Caroline to your collection?  Does one of your kids have her on a wishlist? You will not regret bringing her home. She's a doll!!

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