Monday, September 14, 2015

My Life Desk and Acessories (Review)

My Life As, simply known as My Life is a doll brand sold at Walmart. I purchased this set mostly for the lamp and desk accessories.  The desk and chair is also a nice addition to our collection, but it hasn't been necessary. I thought you guys would like to take a look at this cute set available for $28.

Unboxing is interesting not so much as Our Generation, but it's a challenge when thinking of how easy it is to unpack American Girl items.

First up is the Rolling desk chair, it appears to be extra fluffy, plush and soft. The fabric..... is super soft and fluffy, however it covers a very hard plastic chair and is not at all plush.  I'll have to be gentle with the chair because it does shed a little.
Here you can see the faux wheels. I have NO clue why I expected real rolling wheels but I did. I know crazy right?

Here's the cute area rug. It's very soft, furry and fits perfectly under the desk chair.

This is a view of the desk cabinets. The cubed shaped doors close tightly. You can hear them click shut!

  While unpacking this portion of the set I was nervous about possibly losing the purple diamond backing. To my surprise the exact backing is included behind the accessory display. Though, if you're crafty you could cut squares and rectangles to fill the backs of the cubbies and cabinets. 

The cardboard pieces
Magazine, Stickers, Journal
Inside look at the Magazine and Journal
More cardboard pieces
U.S. map, Calendar, Photo Strip, Birthday card, and Sleepover invite
 If you have an aversion to Cardboard accessories....You might want pass on this set.
The backs of map, calendar, birthday card, invite and photo strip.
I love this Laptop!! It's silver and has a cute home screen. We have quite a few doll friends and this is only our third computer. So, the girls are excited to have another computer to share.
This Sweet Tart of a lamp is also included.  Press the white button and the light remains on for about 15 seconds. It's super frilly.... but I love this lamp. I like the different textures as well. It  has a smooth base and a crinoline shade with a fluffy cotton material on top.
 Take a look into the desk drawers. They are larger and deeper than I expected.
Lydia and Ivy were the first to try out the new furniture. I like the scale of the desk and chair.
 Storage for paper and tiny accessories is important. Ivy and Lydia packed the Lamp and cardboard pieces into the desk drawers with space to spare.
The rug also fits easily into the upper cabinet as shown by Lydia!!
I'm very happy with this set. It is a heap of plastic and cardboard, but for the price it's a fun and functional piece of furniture.  The desk, lamp and rug are perfect for most kids, but I wish the chair was a color other than white and bred to not shed!  The cardboard items may not last long with some kids, but they could easily be laminated with peel-n-stick laminating sheets.  My daughters will enjoy playing with this set, because I won't need to hover.  It's part of our collection.... but not heirloom?
"Hey does anyone wanna push me in the cool new rolling desk chair??!!"
Lydia and Ivy reply while struggling to put the new desk away.
"It has FAUX Wheels Mae Francis....Could you please bring the chair?"
"Yes, Yes I must have missed right there"
Clearly, I still have issues with the wheels:)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Set

Summer activities are quickly wrapping up here in our part of the country and being replaced by school hoopla and extra-curricular activities.  Camille, Ivy, Mae Francis and Lydia decided to squeeze another party into the last few hot and humid Summer afternoons. Girly gabbing, hotdogs and cake, who could ask for anything more?

This American Girl Happy Birthday set was a Birthday gift from my sweet sister. It was on my wish list and on sale for $25. Woohoo!!! It all looks so delicious and comes with everything you see here.

Camille is wearing one of the two party hats that are also included in the set. On the pink hat Camille is holding, you can see the slits that are used to fasten the hat in back of the head. 

Lydia and Mae Frances were next to join the party.  Mae Francis insisted on Lydia taking the other party hat, because she didn't want to fuzz her curls.

 Ivy has arrived and Now we have a PARTY!! The gab fest is on as Ivy explains her beret battle. I watched her in agony trying to arrange it on her head in a stylish manner but with bangs and a short hair cut.....insanity.  Of course, Ivy refused to give up, she really wanted to wear her hat to what might be the last party of the summer!!

Camille talked about how much fun she's been having posing for a Photo Contest while Ivy, Mae Francis and Lydia went on and on about how excited they were about working on a Mix and Match Wardrobe Challenge.

 The girls were talking up an appetite and sharing two slices of cake just wouldn't do.  Hotdogs with mustard is everyone's favorite. It'll fill their tummies and taste real yummy!!

Saving cake for later the dollies descend on the mustard dogs. 


I love photographing hands, especially little ones!!


Let them share cake!! 

How about a few after lunch pics?

For Being So Cute!!

Make way for Ivy!! It seems she has gone and lost her beret....On purpose.... I'm sure!

....And one final pic of the girls before they head off to join Saige and Kanani to help prepare for the
D.O.C. G.O.T.Y. Rally

How are you guys spending your last days of summer?