Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Dolls......Dolls go on a Camping Trip!!

My daughter's dolls have been featured in a few of my post on AG Playthings and AG Dollhouse, so they may seem familiar to some of you.  Addy belongs to my seven year old daughter and Josefina belongs to my nine year old.  I am rarely allowed to touch the dollies as far as styling their hair or clothing. But,occasionally my girls will get desperate and ask me to wash, condition and maybe roller set their dolls hair. I go through the fun of a makeover and  not a day later we are back at Square One. But, I'm not bothered by this at all, their dolls are played with and very loved. Maybe, in the future they'll crossover into collecting but for now here is an example of how they like to play.

Josefina and Addy decided to go for a camping adventure. Josefina loves to drive and Addy being the youngest(by default as her owner is the youngest) loves to ride. 

Addy hops out of the Jeep quickly to begin collecting things for a campfire, while Josefina parks and unpacks the camping equipment.
 Josefina works to get the tent up and functioning.
 Addy takes a break from campfire building.  She is ready to roast marshmallows.
While she was waiting for Josefina to finish getting the tent ready. Addy had the idea of going on a little hike.  Both girls found walking sticks and Addy picked a trail.
 Josefina leads the way onto the crunchy path.
The trail opens to a clearing with a big pile of old wood.  It must be for climbing!!
Addy is skeptical about climbing on a pile of wood. This could be kind of dangerous. She cautiously watches Josefina from a stump.
  It must be time to head back to camp for a game of soccer and then marshmallow roasting! Addy is clearly ready to move along.
There is no need to stress about finding the way home.... Bread crumbs? No... a dandy and handy Compass!!
Girl Scouting motto: Always be Prepared!!!

Back at camp the girls decide they are ill dressed for even the friendliest game of soccer. 

 After a delicious camp dinner of hotdogs and chips, Josefina crawled into the tent and fell fast to sleep. She had done a ton of climbing, crawling and setting up today.  Addy was tired also, but  had waited the entire day to roast marshmallows and so.... she did!! 
Thank you all for reading and enjoying another Dolls and Ponies adventure. What adventures have your dolls been on lately? Do they enjoy camping......In a tent?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Saige and Kanani's Snow Day !!

Winter has finally graced us with a pleasant amount of snow. Humans and dolls alike rushed outdoors to enjoy the fleeting powdery goodness.

Kanani and Saige screamed the loudest, "Pick me, Pick me." And since every dolly couldn't venture out in the snow they won.
But their friends understood... 
as every doll has her day.

 Kanani and Saige admire their adorable friend SnowPearl.  

You might find SnowPearl anywhere she doesn't melt in our house and she loves to don doll apparel.  Addy's Winter coat is her favorite thing to wear.

Saige leaves Kanani and SnowPearl to play. She enjoys a winter nature walk and people watching more than typical snowy outdoor fun.

Kanani fishes SnowPearls gloves out of her pockets to complete the look for her stint as a snowgirl.

And now for a little sledding fun....Off to the neighborhood slopes!!

Saige caught a chill on her Winter walk. She politely asked SnowPearl for her scarf. Of course, SnowPearl was most excited to lend her scarf.

It would also be a grand idea to zip that coat, but for Saige it just wouldn't be stylish.

Here are more photos from our wonderful snow day!!

Kanani is  gorgeous wearing Kits Winter coat.  I was hesitant to take her out with all of those glorious curls. I'm glad she persisted, because her hair was no problem.

Saige is breathtaking in blue against the snowy background. I know.... I have a high opinion of my dolls.

I have never seen Kanani with such a beautiful expression. She's just adorable and amazingly childlike.

Hope you all are enjoying Winter as much as we are!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

How to Play on a Warm Winter Day!!!

Lydia and Mae Francis were wandering and thinking, hoping to find a bit of excitement on this warm winter day.

There is nothing like a hollowed out tree crevice to get the creative juices flowing.  They contemplate which will be the first to brave a crawl in the creepy and cramped crevice.

Saved by the bell !!
  Josefina gives an excited wave to her friends.

 Both girls are excited and relieved  to see her. Lydia and Mae Francis secretly wonder if Josefina wanted to be the first to crawl in the creepy and cramped crevice.
.... SHE DIDN"T 
 And... While these beautiful girls posed for one last photo.
 Josefina reminded them that this particular tree is home to some very mean and very angry
 Bell Hornets!! 
They are known wreak havoc in the summer, but not at all in winter. Apparently, these dollies weren't taking any chances.
 I hope you all enjoyed our winter adventure.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Addy's Lovely School Outfits

My sweet Addy has two beautiful school outfits now! 

The first is her original and retired three piece outfit with her metal spelling bee award pin. This outfit is very well made. It feels like wool on the outside with a decorative cotton lining on the inside.

She looks so proud wearing her award.
Addy's new school dress is also very pretty. It has two pieces a top and skirt, which makes getting the outfit on easier. The jacket included in the original version is a little tricky to get on. The new dress is made of a heavy cotton fabric. I do love the softer shade of blue and black trim combination.

She looks gorgeous in this outfit!!

Here are a few more highlights from Addy's School Outfit Photo shoot.

Thank you for taking a look at Addy and her new outfit. The last three pictures really take me back to the 1860's.