Friday, June 26, 2015

Playing by the Dock of the Pond

Hello friends!! It's been a very busy Spring with Graduations, Parties and Family Reunions.  My doll friends were so excited to get back out and enjoy Spring/Summer weather. This particular day it was 102 degrees, way too hot for me.  I'm talking hot, humid, back sweating, Virginia walk out your door and can't breath gross hotness.  But, I really wanted to play with my daughters and have fun with dollies so we all braved the flames!!

Emily, Camille and Lydia(#50) were the only girls dressed for Summer weather so they were the "lucky" girls of the day. Saige and Mae Francis would have surely passed up a humid VA play day, but Kit, Ivy and Josephina would have enjoyed a nice hot day in the sun. Maybe next time, with plenty of hot summer days ahead and the hope of finding new Our Generaton accessories, every doll friend will have a time to shine this summer.

Here the girls are hanging out deciding what to do on this extraordinary day. How about a friendly game of Hide-and-go-seek?

 Camille volunteers to be "It." One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.....

Emily thinks Camille will never find her behind this big tree. Camille counts in the background giving both girls a fair chance to hide. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen fifteen... Ready or not here she comes.

Lydia hides behind a huge, rusty barrel hoping not to be found first!! 

Emily is found very quickly she underestimated Camille's seeking abilities.

It's all in good fun and both girls giddy, head off to find Lydia.

Of course, after hearing Emily being caught Lydia was too excited to stay hidden. She peeked from behind the barrel and skipped down to join her friends.

Hanging out by the pond proved to be more relaxing on such a sweltering day.

Thank you so much for reading more of our adventures. This was
 by far the most dangerous photo story we've ever done. Why???  Well...... because I was terrified  that a doll friend would take a dive into the water.  I've seen some wonderful photo stories of dolls at the beach, near pools and waterfalls, so I wanted to give it a try. With the help of my daughters we were able to make a safe environment and none of the dolls decided to take a swim!!

Here are a few bonus photos:

Camille testing our limits and relaxing while the other girls take their close ups.

 What adventures are you and your doll friends planning for the summer?  We would love to hear about your summer fun.